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Dec 13, 2012

Mobile App Stores

As I have mentioned before, Apple has done some things to shaken my loyalty. I am at the point where my next phone will not be an automatic iPhone purchase. I have friends and colleagues pitching alternatives pretty hard. Out of curiosity, I looked up the availability of my favorite mobile apps on the Windows and Google App Stores. Here is what I found.

App Android Windows Phone
Any Password Manager
(like 1Password)
Yes: LastPass Yes: LastPass
Evernote Yes Yes
Google+ Yes (duh) No (duh)
Kindle Yes Yes
Any Exercise GPS
(like Garmen)
Yes: RunKeeper Yes: Mobifit
Mint Yes No
(by Flixster)
Yes Yes
(or InstaPaper)
Yes Yes: MetroPaper
RememberTheMilk Yes Yes: Milkman
RSS Reader
(with Google Reader Support)
Yes: Google Reader Yes: nextgen Reader
ServerDensity Yes No
Any SSH Client Yes: lots Yes: Token2Shell
Tripit Yes Yes
Twitter Yes Yes
Yelp Yes Yes
YouTube Yes (duh) Yes

Overall, I was surprised by the number of apps on the Windows Phone store. The screen shots looked really nice too. However, I think that the combination of Mac + Windows Phone would be challenging. If I was a Windows user, the Windows Phone would be a pretty attractive option.

One thing that I find limiting on the iPhone is that Safari is locked down and doesn't accept plugins. I assume that Android doesn't have this issue because it gives you different browser options. Does Windows allow you to install mobile IE plugins/extensions?