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Feb 29, 2012

Please Update the Wikipedia List of Content Management Systems Page

Edit: Please disregard this post. I tried to add a product to the list and it was rejected. Looks like I am going with a Google Doc. Anyone want to re-invent the wheel with me?

At Lionbridge, when we scope and propose a Global Marketing Operations solution, we need to learn about the publishing infrastructure. I have been training our sales engineers to do some initial CMS analysis including what platform is being used and how. One very important data point is the software version the customer is running - in particular, how current it is. Running outdated software may indicate that the infrastructure has been neglected and may require some optimization in order to achieve efficiency goals - or it could just mean that the newest version features did not justify an upgrade. That is OK too.

Anyway, I started to put together a public Google spreadsheet that lists the most common CMSs and the current version (why not share it with everyone?). Then I decided to do one better and see if there was something already out there that I could help maintain. Sure enough, there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to listing CMS products and versions. The data is pretty current and I made a couple updates.

If you specialize in a particular CMS (as a vendor, systems integrator, or customer), please update the Wikipedia page with what you know. I know editing wiki tables is painful but I think that everyone would benefit from having access to current and accurate information. If there is a critical mass of people who prefer to manage this in a Google spreadsheet, I would be happy to participate in that effort as well.