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Apr 04, 2011

CMS Implementation Survey

I have just finished putting together a survey to collect information on customer experiences of web content management system (WCMS) implementations. The survey is designed to be completed by organizations that have implemented a WCMS within the past year. It consists of 37 multiple-choice questions organized into four sections:

  • Context: the purpose and background of the project.

  • Scope: the scale of the project and other related work that was lumped in.

  • Execution: how the project was organized and executed.

  • Results: how the solution has changed the organization.

I plan to present the findings of this survey at my Grading your CMS talk at J.Boye this May and publish the data here. I think this data will be of interest to most people involved with content management. Practitioners, integrators, and vendors all want to know how their experiences compare to that of their peers.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably affiliated with a number of CMS implementations. You probably work for a systems integrator or a software vendor. If that is the case, I could really use your help. If any of your customers has recently gone through a WCMS implementation, please ask them to take the survey.   Thanks!