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Feb 25, 2009

eZ Publish Fork?

Image credit: Malinky on Flickr

Sandro Groganz just tweeted a link to Kristof Coomans's proposal of a community fork of eZ Publish. Kristof is about to be a former employee of eZ Systems Belgium and seems to be quite frustrated with eZ's lack of progress and openness with the platform.

To me, this is unfortunate news. eZ Systems has been making a lot of progress in the media and publishing industry and (to me at least) been improving the platform nicely. eZ Systems has also successfully established a beach-head in the United States. I think the one area that they have been lagging is their initiative to port eZ Publish onto the eZ Components framework. It would be a shame if the great energy behind this platform were to be fragmented into two competing projects - especially as eZ Systems is poised to do a major rewrite.

Still, I am not panicking yet. For now, I am just filing this as a frustrated employee rant. It takes much more than a rant to start a successful fork.