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Mar 18, 2007

Introducing Content Here - The Company

I have started a new company. Content Here is a vendor neutral consulting and analyst firm specializing in content technology selection and architecture. While I will continue to focus on open source technologies, I have expanded my scope to be able to recommend proprietary software and SaaS where appropriate. Read here for a list of services.

The decision to leave Optaros was a hard one. As the seventh employee, I am proud to have helped build a great company and to have been part of such a talented team. Optaros is doing a tremendous job implementing Next Generation Internet applications for clients, and will continue to grow as a premier systems integration firm and thought leader (check out some great employee blogs: John Eckman, Erik Smartt, Sebastian Wohlrapp, Lukas Kahwe Smith, and Hugo Schotman). My interests are more focused on strategic technology consulting and analysis.

My goal is to keep doing what I've been doing: writing, publishing, consulting, and helping to make good companies even better with strategic technology decisions. I will continue to collaborate with companies like CMS Watch to complement their broad market perspective with my specific areas of expertise. Plus, I intend to publish a couple of reports on my own. If you want to learn more, please drop a note to seth@contenthere.net.