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Jun 15, 2018

New Job: VP of Research Products at Aberdeen

I am excited to announce that I am now working at Aberdeen where I am the Vice President of Research Products. This is a big time at Aberdeen because we are shifting from a traditional analyst firm to what we are calling a "Market Intelligence" company. What that means is that our analysis is based on quantitative data rather than anecdote and opinion.

In particular, we are focusing on three categories of performance indicators:

  • Awareness quantified through surveys that ask respondents whether they are familiar with a product or brand. 
  • Consideration, which is based on intent data.  
  • Market Share, which is based on install data.
You can read more about the methodology on our solutions page.

In this role I have gone deep into data science and also tapped into my own nerdy creativity and curiosity. If you like FiveThirtyEight and Freakononics, you would love my job.  It's especially great for me because it allows me to leverage many skills I have developed over the years as an industry analyst, software developer, and database administrator. 

Lately I have been exploring historical install data to analyze events where one web content management system replaces another. For example, when a company replaces a website running on WordPress with a new website running on Sitecore. Re-platforming events such as these are significant because they represent customer requirements, product strengths (at least strengths perceived during the selection process), and big investments of time and money. And then when you combine that with intent data that shows which customers are showing signs of looking for a replacement technology, you get highly actionable insight.

These data will be incorporated as features in our subscription products but I do plan to post tidbits on the Aberdeen blog. So stay tuned!