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Sep 03, 2013

There is no partial credit in digital marketing

  • You sweated over SEO but forgot to set your robots.txt to allow. Fail.

  • Your content is brilliant but you can't drive traffic to it. Fail.

  • You bought all the right keywords but your content stinks. Fail.

  • You have the content that a visitor wants but you show him something else. Fail.

  • You target the right content to a visitor but the display gets in the way of his enjoyment of it. Fail.

  • Your content goes viral but your site crashes. Fail.

  • Your visitors are devouring your content but you wouldn't know because your analytics isn't tracking properly. Fail.

  • Your visitors are ready to engage but they can't find a call to action. Fail.

  • Your visitor fills out a form but the data goes nowhere. Fail.

  • You are capturing leads but nobody is doing anything with them. Fail.

  • You have valuable data but no actionable insight. Fail.


We have all been there. We focus on one aspect of digital marketing but neglecting another critical step eliminates our impact. To be successful, you have to be good at lots of things and pay attention to the details. It is better to be proficient in all of the dimensions of digital marketing than to be excellent in any one. So much for the hope that you are just "one viral video" away from achieving your most ambitious marketing goals. Welcome to the grind.