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May 21, 2012

30 CMS Signatures on CM Field Guide

Last Friday Jeroen Reijn from Hippo submitted the 30th CMS signature for the CM Field Guide project. If this is your first time hearing of CM Field Guide, it is a community project to share clues for telling what CMS a website is running. For more background, here is my CM Field Guide announcement blog post. Here is the list so far:

  1. Adobe CQ

  2. Concrete5

  3. DemandWare

  4. dotCMS

  5. DotNetNuke

  6. Drupal

  7. Ektron

  8. Elcom CMS

  9. EPiServer

  10. ExpressionEngine

  11. eZ Publish

  12. Hannon Hill Cascade Server

  13. Hippo CMS

  14. iApps

  15. Ingeniux

  16. Joomla!

  17. Kentico

  18. Liferay

  19. Magnolia

  20. ModX

  21. Octopress

  22. OpenText (RedDot)

  23. Plone

  24. SharePoint

  25. SilverStripe

  26. Sitecore

  27. Tridion

  28. Umbraco

  29. Websphere Commerce

  30. Wordpress

Other contributors include Adriaan Bloem (@adriaanbloem), Steven Brent (@stevenbrent), Timothy Davis (@timothydavis), Lee Roberson (@lroberson), Robb Winkle (@robbwinkle), Wes Winham (@weswinham) and of course, the guy who started it all, Deane Barker (@gadgetopia). If you know of any secrets for sniffing a CMS, let me know and I will add it and create you an account so you can use the www.cmfieldguide.com website. If you like to code Python and Django, you can code it yourself and submit a pull request on github.