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Feb 17, 2012

Outerthought Joins NGDATA

I just received an email update that NGDATA has bought Outerthought, developers of Lily CMS, Kauri web application framework, and Daisy CMS. Here is the announcement. I do not know much about NGDATA other than it is a bigger company with a focus on big data. But just from that information, the acquisition could be a great opportunity for both sides.

I have been following Outerthought for a long time (starting in 2007 when I wrote about them in Open Source Content Management in Java) and got to know the team when I presented at one of their Fireside Conversations. The Outerthought team has always impressed me with their architectural vision and ambition. One day, I sat down with their architects and developers and was blown away by their insight and creativity. At times I was doubtful that a team so small (with so little external funding) could execute on such lofty plans: developing a new web application framework and building the first "big data" CMS. But they seem to continually defy my doubts.

I hope that NGDATA fully understands what it got out of this deal and gives the Outerthought team autonomy and resources to continue its successful track record and further accelerate the pace. Most of all, I wish the Outerthought team a great future as part of NGDATA.