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Apr 26, 2010

World Plone Day 2010

Mark your calendars, World Plone Day is on April 28th. World Plone Day is a free, annual, international event designed to introduce the Plone content management system to people outside of the Plone community. This year it is being held in 36 locations in 29 countries. The agenda usually contains a balance of business and technical topics. I just had a look at the Boston World Plone Day agenda and it looks particularly good.

If you have not looked at Plone recently, you should. With the official release of version 4.0 right around the corner, a lot of changes have happened. The architecture leverages more of the new Zope 3 technologies, performance has improved, and development techniques have evolved. A considerable amount of work is being done to make theming easier using tools like Deliverance. Also, the NoSQL movement hype may make the underlying object database (ZODB) less intimidating to architects. From a user perspective, the team has focused on some subtle improvements such as switching the default rich text editor to TinyMCE and creating a new default theme.