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Jul 31, 2009

Social media, where you can stick it

Social Media Publishing Decision Tree

Originally uploaded by sggottlieb

As I mentioned before, I use many different social media services for different purposes. I realized that I have been unconsciously operating an elaborate decision tree of what to post where. On a whim, I tried to map it out and I found the results interesting.

A couple of notes...

  • The FriendFeed (ff) icons shows what services are aggregated into FriendFeed.

  • I am just starting to use Tumblr again as a sort of personal blog. This exercise helped me realize a use of Tumblr. For a while, I was posting things directly into FriendFeed.

  • Flickr contains work and personal items. I use it for personal pictures (mostly public) and also screen captures of software that I review (kept private).

I am wondering if anyone else operates a similar decision tree and how conscious they are of it.