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Jul 30, 2009

CMSWire Open Source CMS Survey

CMSWire and Water and Stone are conducting a survey of open source CMS users and implementers for an upcoming report on Open Source CMS Market Share. I don't generally put much stock in CMS popularity contests because they tend to favor products that address the lowest common denominator requirements (that is, brochure websites for sole proprietor-size businesses). That said, I took the survey and was pleasantly surprised with the depth of information that they are collecting. In particular, I am interested to know what people consider the most important market filters and also implementation details like the length and cost of implementation. I hope they include this information in the report. I also hope that "industrial grade" implementers and customers take part so that the results show a good cross section of the marketplace. As a participation incentive, there is an opportunity to win a $100 iTunes gift certificate. How can you pass that up?