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Apr 09, 2009

NYC Agile Developer Book Club

My friend and colleague Brian Kelly and I are starting an Agile Developer Book Club in New York. The first meeting will be on April 29th (location TBD) and we will start by reading one of my favorite books on software development: The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

. After that, we will move onto other books in that genre. The general idea is to assemble a cross-language group of developers that want to improve their craft by learning from great books and each other. Each meeting we will discuss a section of the book. Beyond that, it is up to the group to figure out the details.

If you live or work in New York City and want to hang out with some people who also want to be great programmers, please join the Meetup group and block April 29th on your calendar. If you are not in New York, you should still read The Pragmatic Programmer and talk about it to whoever will listen.

Note: in case you were wondering, I have not relocated to New York. I still live in the heart of the beautiful Pioneer Valley but spend a lot of time working in New York.