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Apr 21, 2009

New Report: Drupal for Publishers

Note: because this report no longer covers the current version of Drupal, it is available for free on Scribd: Drupal for Publishers

Florence, MA (April 21, 2009) -- Content Here is pleased to announce the availability of a new report. Drupal for Publishers, is the first of a new report series called Web Technologies for Publishers. Written for a cross-functional technology selection committee, each report evaluates a technology against the specific requirements of a newspaper, magazine, or broadcast news website. All Content Here reports are written with the customer in mind — distilling a wealth of information from a wide range of sources into a concise, easy to read narrative. Drupal for Publishers has case studies describing Drupal implementations at Fast Company, Lifetime TV, Morris Publishing, Now Public, and The Onion.

The 24 page report is broken down into sections that explain what the different stakeholders (the publisher, the editor, and the developer) need to know about Drupal. The publisher's section contains information about the time to market, availability of talent, cost, and the future of Drupal. the editor's section covers functional aspects such as content entry, workflow, editorial control and general usability. The developer's section discusses extensibility, security, performance, and developer resources.

Drupal for Publishers is priced at $100 for a workgroup license and can be purchased from the Content Here reports store.

About Content Here: Content Here provides professional services and analysis of content technologies, with a deep technology focus. Drawing on real-world implementation experience, Content Here analysts evaluate software from an implementer's point of view to provide technology decision makers with information assets needed to achieve success, save money, and reduce risk.

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