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Mar 10, 2009

RFP Horror at the RNC

How could the RNC not select a CMS called The Red Elephant?
(this image is copyrighted by Red Elephant ICT & Internet Services)

Gregor Rothfuss sent me a link to a report about a ridiculous CMS RFP issued by the RNC. As I have written before, the traditional RFP process is totally broken. Here, the RFP asks for innovation around sketchy buzzwords that are meant to be requirements yet still asks for a fixed bid. I wonder how the RNC could avoid selecting a CMS called The Red Elephant?

In my Web Content Management Selection workshop at last year's Gilbane Conference, I told a story about a fictitious botched selection process for an imaginary website. This may be one of those cases where reality is better than fiction so I am thinking that the RNC RFP should be my anti-example when I teach the selection workshop this summer.