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Feb 03, 2009

Russell Toris Wins the JCR Cup

via CMSWire, Day Software recently announced the winner of the JCR 2008 Cup. Russell Toris won the MacBook Pro grand prize for his web clipping application "Crux". While the idea is not all that innovative (it appears to be very similar to delicious.com), the application shows how easy it is to get started developing on the CRX/Apache Sling bundle. Russell is a self proclaimed novice programmer with skills mainly in HTML and Javascript. To quote:

“I was surprised how easy it was to get started with JCR, even for a new programmer like me. I know a little bit of Java, but I mainly write Javascript. So I was really, really happy when I saw how much you can do with JCR and Sling just using HTML and Javascript. Basically, if you can write an HTML form, you can create a useful JCR app, because Sling takes care of a lot of server-side stuff and you really don't need to write Java Server Pages unless you want to. This is a great convenience and makes it possible for programmers of all skill levels to be productive right away with JCR. You don't have to be a Java expert at all."