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Feb 10, 2009

Conference Schedule 09

This year I am trying to reduce my travel by limiting the number of conferences that I attend. But there are a couple that I can't miss.

  • J. Boye, Philadelphia, May 5-7
    The jboye09 conference in Philly (May 5-7) looks like it is taking shape nicely. Many of the speakers from J. Boye's conference in Denmark are lined up. There are tracks on Strategy & Governance, Intranets, Web Content Management, SharePoint, User Experience, and E-Health. As I have said before, this is an exceptional conference and I am very excited to participate without having to cross the Atlantic. What really distinguishes J. Boye from other conferences is the social aspect. Everyone attends the nightly events so you have a chance to network with peers and experts in your field. The J. Boye team has a knack for learning your interests and connecting you with the people you should meet. If you want to hang out with the most knowledgeable people in the industry, this is your conference. The discount code "sgphilly" gets you 15% off when you register. If you work for a non-profit, you may be able to do even better by emailing J. Boye at info@jboye.com.

  • Gilbane, San Francisco, June 2-4
    Last December, I had a great time teaching a workshop on Selecting a Web Content Management System at the Gilbane Conference in Boston. I will be teaching the same selection workshop (improved of course) in San Francisco in June. The Gilbane conference program always has an impressive list of industry leaders and the vendor exhibition area is a great place to see product demos. Register before April 28th for a $200 discount off admission. The conference plus package, which includes the pre-conference tutorials, comes with a free iPod Touch (just don't be listening to it during my session!).

With the time saved by a lighter conference schedule, I plan to do more reading and writing. I have some aggressive publishing goals this year. My consulting work still has me on the road a lot so I might be in a city near you over the course of the year. I also hope to stay connected digitally using the many social networking sites that I participate in.