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Jan 06, 2009

Things now at 1.0 (plus a discount)

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One of my favorite personal software applications is Things by Cultured Code. I wrote about Things a while ago in a long post of Mac applications that I like. Since that time I have increased my usage of Things. It is now everything from a to do list to a personal issue tracker for projects that I work alone on. Being able to quickly jot down a task saves you from breaking the flow of what you are currently working on. The iPhone application is there to receive tasks when I am not near a computer. The two applications synchronize whenever they see each other on a WiFi network.

The Cultured Code Team has just released version 1.0 of Things. The beta releases have been free but now it costs $50 ($49.95 to be precise). If you are also hooked on Things, you can use the coupon code "THINGSPRESALE20" to get 20% off the list price.