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Sep 22, 2008

Mollom beats Acquia out of Beta

Dries recently announced that his comment spam prevention service, Mollom, is out of Beta and is available to the world as a production grade service. Nowadays, the word "Beta" doesn't mean too much because many of the services that we all use still sport the beta logo as if it were a "new and improved" label. According to Dries' post, Mollom has already blocked 9 million spam messages. That means lots of sites are running it and lots of bots are trying to spam them.

In other Buytaert news, the private beta of Acquia's "hardened Drupal" has been extended. I got a demo a few weeks ago and think this will be worth the wait if you are looking for a for a commercial-grade Drupal distribution. Of course, much will depend on the level of support that this start-up is able to provide.