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Jul 25, 2008

Duh - I Get it Now

I can't remember if I knew this before but someone recently mentioned that the Eclipse project was named as a dig on Sun Microsystems. Get it? Sun, Eclipse? I always questioned Sun's lack of involvement in Eclipse. I don't know if it was only the Eclipse project itself but I would say that the Eclipse supporting companies (like IBM, Oracle, and Borland) are eclipsing Sun in their Java-oriented businesses. Hostility aside, this is a good example of using an open source project as an opportunity for companies to collaborate and cooperatively force market change. Other examples include the many open source projects that were established as reference implementations to push forward a standard.

Other hostile open source project names:

  • Fuzed is for F-U Zed. Zed is the guy who wrote Mongrel

  • GNU stands for GNU's Not Unix.

Any others?