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Jun 04, 2008


content is not data - Summize
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As a follow up to an earlier post about tracking all that chatter happening around content, I thought I would mention a new(ish) site called Summize. I had heard the name before but never bothered to look. Then I read this post on Dave Kellog's blog that described what it is all about.

Summize is a search engine for Twitter. Twitter itself has really weak search engine so this is a welcome service. Summize is pretty cool but I think it falls short of piecing together a conversation about a topic. Since each tweet is 140 characters or less, tweets can be less meaningful out of context. For example, if personA tweets "I am trying product X" and someone else says in reply "@personaA I tried it too and it totally sucked," Summize probably won't be able to associate the second tweet with the first.

One thing that Summize is good for is seeing trendy topics. For instance, in the screenshot you can see that Plurk was on the top of the list. If you religiously follow Twitter, you know that over the last 7 days everyone has been talking about it as a possible successor to Twitter. If you don't Twitter you wouldn't know a Plurk from a Pluck.

FriendFeed does have a search engine and you can subscribe to the results over RSS. The nice thing about FriendFeed is that you can see comments too.

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