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Jun 09, 2008

Alfresco web content management team moving on

A few weeks ago I slid in a subtle mention that the Alfresco WCM team had some significant departures (I'll say who it was now: chief WCM architect Jon Cox, and lead programmer Britt Park). Since then I have been wondering to myself how long the remaining WCM leadership (that is, Kevin Cochrane) would last. Well, I don't need to wonder any more. John Newton just announced on his blog that Kevin is leaving Alfresco to "to pursue other opportunities in the US."

Kevin has been a very important member of the Alfresco team. He fought hard to bring an understanding of the web to a bunch of Documentum alumni (to Alfresco's credit they recognized WCM as their blind spot and invited him into fight that fight). His energy and experience was critical in product development and sales. Alfresco's WCM offering has come so far since it was initially introduced. Right now, many of its challenges stem from being stuck in an Enterprise Content Management user interface. It may be that Kevin was running up against similar constraints.

I guess the next thing to wonder about is how Alfresco will backfill for the valuable role that Kevin played. Hopefully they will bring in someone with similar wisdom and passion. But that will be hard to do.

I am sure Kevin will have a similar (or even greater) impact in his new role wherever that may be.