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Apr 24, 2008

Alfresco releases Enterprise Edition 2.2

They are a bit behind schedule and there was very little publicity about it but Alfresco Software has released version 2.2 of Alfresco Enterprise Edition. While this is just a point release, 2.2 introduces a couple of big improvements over 2.2. Probably the most welcome enhancement from a user perspective is the introduction of search within web projects. While web projects were always indexed for search and the API supported it, users can now search for web content from within the user interface. Developers will appreciate that the deployment mechanism that came with 2.1 now has a GUI that allows developers to define deployments to push code or content to different environments.

While it still suffers from some core usability issues, with version 2.2, Alfresco has reached a point where it is a useful tool for web content management. Many systems integrators work around Alfresco's usability limitations by using Web Scripts to rapidly develop custom user interfaces. Expect bigger UI improvements in Enterprise 3.0.

For more information on Alfresco 2.2, you can buy the 19 page Alfresco evaluation from Open Source Web Content Management in Java or buy the whole 160 page report to see how Alfresco stacks up against other options.