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Mar 12, 2008

Serena finally has a plan for Collage

Over the past year I have been wondering about Serena Software's plans for their Collage product. If you haven't seen Collage, it is a simple but useful WCM system that is relatively widely used in higher education. Serena has been steadily marginalizing the product for a while. It has gotten so bad that the only way I can find Collage on the Serena website is to do a search for it.

Well, the Duo Consulting blog has a scoop that Serena's plans to sell Collage. Content management historians know that Serena acquired Collage when it bought Merant software whose primarily line of business was configuration management (source control) software (PVCS). Serena may not have even wanted Collage but it came in the deal.

I don't know what the acquisition market is for a middle of the road WCM product (especially with today's credit crisis) but I have a feeling that some company will come along and pick it up. In the meantime, Serena will continue to do the bare minimum to keep the product alive.