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Mar 06, 2008

Matt Raible and LinkedIn

Matt Raible has an interesting post about some framework evaluation work that he did for LinkedIn. During the project, Matt helped LinkedIn address the issues of framework proliferation and the maintenance of a proprietary framework. Spring MVC and Struts2 were considered but neither of them solved the problem of a long development/deployment cycle: it takes a lot of time to change and run code.

There is also nice mention of Rails vs. Grails. But the biggest news was buried in the middle of the post. Matt is joining LinkedIn as a full time employee.

A few days later, I was pulled into the CTO's office and he offered me the job. He offered me the challenge of building this team and told me I could do it remotely (from Denver) and hire my own people to help me with it. I gulped as I realized I'd just been offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

Matt is going to head up the UI Frameworks team and he is hiring.