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Feb 12, 2008

Open Source WCM in Java


I am very happy to announce the availability of Content Here's first report: Open Source Web Content Management in Java. The report is written for technical decision makers and covers Alfresco, Apache Lenya, Daisy CMS, Hippo CMS, Jahia, Magnolia, and OpenCms with a level of detail that I have not yet seen in a professional analyst report on open source software. Each 15+ page evaluation describes:

  • the history of the project

  • the architecture and how it can be extended

  • how the contribution interfaces behave and how they can be customized

  • how the system can be administered, configured, and integrated

  • how the presentation tier works and what can be done with it

  • what the community and other support structures are like

There is enough technical meat for an architect to understand the product and consider it for prototyping. By focusing on the "content contribution" and "presentation" sections of each evaluation, semi-technical readers will see how they would use the system to meet their needs.

Systems integration firms, software companies, and investors will also find Open Source Web Content Management in Java useful for understanding the open source WCM marketplace.

The products are organized into two groups: products that are typically used to power basic informational sites, and products that are used more as frameworks for more complex web applications. For each category, I describe important features that the product should support and rate each of the products in those functional areas.

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