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Jan 16, 2008

Sun Acquires MySQL

Wow! I never saw this coming! Sandro Groganz just pointed me to this blog post announcing that Sun Microsystems is acquiring MySQL. Kaj Arno (MySQL AB's VP of Community) does a pretty good job summarizing the implications of the the move. Much of the post centers on comforting MySQL users with assurances that Sun is a good company and will do right by the community.

What comes to my mind is that MySQL is seen as a leader in understanding and leveraging open source as a business model whereas Sun has seemed to be very muddled with their open source strategy. Maybe the MySQL team will give Sun some direction. I also wonder if Sun will draw MySQL away from its focus on the LAMP stack. S(olaris)AMJ(ava) doesn't sound as good to me.

If I were a MySQL employee and was hoping for a big IPO, I would probably be a little disappointed as Sun's stock seems to be flat or working its way down.