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Nov 21, 2007

Press Association Chooses Nuxeo

French Open Source ECM vendor Nuxeo just announced that it was chosen by the Press Association (PA - the national news agency of the UK and Ireland) for use in PA's publication process. Writers and editors in the UK will use Nuxeo for their editorial workflow. The selection came after a successful prototype phase. One of the deciding factors was that the absence of license costs allowed PA to focus investment on customization and integration of the product.

For those who have not heard of Nuxeo, most of their activity is in France and they generated a bit of a stir when they changed their technology strategy by discontinuing a successful Zope based product (CPS) and building a new Java based platform on the JBoss stack. Readers of this blog may remember my concern about the disruption of switching platforms and replacing a mature product. Well, it looks like Nuxeo successfully made the transition and also landed a big, non-French client on the new platform.