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Nov 16, 2007

Magnolia Community Edition 3.5 (RC1) Available

This morning there was an announcement on the Magnolia user mailing list that the first release candidate (RC1) of version 3.5 is now available for download. If you were waiting for version 3.1, don't worry, you didn't miss it. It is the same release. Still, this is a pretty big release. Some of the more notable features is better internationalization support. It used to be that localized sites needed to be managed more or less independently with no real relationships between different translations of the same asset. The new version provides better support for 1:1 localization schemes. Future releases and add-on modules will provide more functionality in this area. The new version has also been re-factored to be easier to customize. For example, many of the configurations have been transformed into beans that can be overridden and extended. There is also better support for filters. Security has also been enhanced with URL level access control (in addition to content level access control).

The Enterprise Edition will be released after the Community Edition is final and stabilized. If you are using Magnolia Community Edition, you might want to download it and give it a try - especially if you have built modules. The Magnolia team has tried to support backward compatibility for 3.0 modules but you never know. Now would be a good time to tell them if there is a problem.