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Sep 13, 2007

Now THAT is a Domain!

I was Skyping with someone a couple of days ago and he was referring me to a URL that he decided it would be better to type. One reason was it was not in English and I have no foreign language skills. The other reason was the URL was http://www.maatschappelijkverantwoordondernemen.be. Now that is a URL. I recently saw a presentation by David Esrati from The Next Wave where he talked about his 80-40 Rule. The basic idea is that URLs are less important because 80% of browsing starts in the search box. 40% of users are so clueless that they type the URL in the search box. If this is true, having an awkward domain name is not so much of a problem. Social bookmarking and blogs probably help too. But I assume that there are limits to acceptable awkwardness.

BTW, kudos to J Rulnick for having the foresight to register chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.com after the longest place name in the United States! He gets the 80-40 rule! I think?