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Sep 11, 2007

Come see me at DocTrain in October

On October 18th, Bryant Shea from Molecular and I will be presenting at DocTrain East in Lowell, MA. The topic of our talk is "New Documentation Strategies For A Web 2.0 World." Here is our descriptive blurb:

The web is changing the way people consume information and creating new opportunities for documentation and other product content to reach out beyond the manual and engage users. The web is also giving voice to others who have something to say about your products. To navigate these new dynamics we must change our mindset about what documentation is, our relationship with our audience, and our control over the information. This session will introduce technologies for reaching and conversing with the your audience to create knowledgeable and passionate users. We will cover blogs, podcasts, annotations, and wiki technologies and how to turn a vocal community into an ally rather than threat.

I just got off the phone with Bryant and we were pretty excited about how Web 2.0 trends and concepts are transforming the world of technical writing and communication. Come and join us to learn more.