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Sep 26, 2007

cmf2007: Content Camp

I am counting down the days until November 6th when I will be in Aarhus, Denmark attending cmf2007. I have wanted to go for the past two years but could not justify the trip while working within a U.S. focused company. This year Content Here International is going to be there in full force. My schedule will be full too. On Tuesday, I will be teaching a tutorial on open source content management and portal technologies. On Wednesday, I am going to present a session on different patterns for deploying a web content management system. For a sneak preview, I explore some of the concepts in this blog post. On Thursday, I am moderating a track on open source CMS.

What makes CMF conferences different from other events on the circuit is that there is much more interaction. In most conferences, people pop-in, give their presentations and then jet out. At CMF, you have all the big names and everyone hangs out together at well organized social events. So, if you can't get your question in as the speaker is disconnecting from the projector and packing up his laptop, there are many other opportunities over drinks and food. Hopefully, I will see you there too.