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Jul 16, 2007

Syndicating your feelings

We Feel Fine "is an exploration of human emotion on a global scale." The site scans the blogosphere for phrases like "I am feeling" or "I feel" and presents these results in this really cool user interface. The site has 6 Movements (Madness, Murmers, Montage, Mobs, Metrics and Mounds) that show different visualizations of these data. For example, in the Madness movement, "Each particle represents a single feeling, posted by a single individual. The color of each particle corresponds to the tone of the feeling inside – happy positive feelings are bright yellow, sad negative feelings are dark blue, angry feelings are bright red, calm feelings are pale green, and so on. The size of each particle represents the length of the sentence contained within. Circular particles are sentences. Rectangular particles contain pictures."

This is an interesting use of feeds and a powerful way to visualize lots of data. I could see this as an effective tool for companies that have successfully adopted blogging within the enterprise and are now struggling for a way to take a pulse on what their employees are saying and feeling.