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Jul 18, 2007

Packt Open Source Content Management System Award, 2007

Packt Publishing is holding their second annual Open Source Content Management System competition. Most of the project mailing lists that I subscribe to are announcing the competition and encouraging subscribers to vote. You can vote too.

While this competition will not tell you what CMS is right for you, it does give visibility into the volume (in people and decibels) of the community and the general, mass market appeal of the product. The 2006 winner was Joomla! followed by Drupal and Plone. This year, there will be multiple categories to try to spread the wealth (larger prize purse this year). The categories are:

  • Overall Winner

  • Most Promising Open Source CMS

  • Best Open Source PHP CMS

  • Best Other Open Source CMS

  • Best Social Networking CMS

What I would like to see is more categories focused on intended use. Social Networking CMS is an example, I think there could be categories for "Web Publishing System" (for things like online periodicals), "Website Management Tool" (for managing a corporate brochure site), and "Web Application Development Framework" (for building interactive, content centric applications).

Scott Abel is one of the judges this year. If you have ever seen him do one of the "Idol" competitions at Gilbane or another conference, you know you can expect some funny commentary.