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Jul 05, 2007

OpenCms V7 available and Apache Lenya and will probably skip 1.4 and go right to 2.0

The official stable version of OpenCms V7 is now available pretty much right when the project team said it would be. Key enhancements (in my opinion) are WebDAV support, a content relationship engine for dependency management, and point in time preview (where you can go select a date in time to see what the site looked (or will look) like. An undelete feature for deleted content is also very welcome. The OpenCms.org website has had a face lift too.

In other news, the Apache Lenya project, which has been working for three years to release version 1.4, is probably going to call this version "2.0." There was some debate on the mailing list about the ethics of this re-designation ("is this being done just for marketing reasons?"). However, since much of the code has been re-written for this release and it has been three years in the making, I would say that it deserves a major release number. It is actually quite interesting to compare the angst in version number honesty in open source software to commercial software where it is pretty much all marketing.