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Jun 21, 2007

Web Content 2007

On Monday I presented at the Web Content 2007 conference in Chicago. Congratulations to the guys (and gals) from DUO Consulting for putting on a great conference. From talking to folks it looks like this is going to turn into an annual event so mark your calendars for Web Content 2008! I was only there for the day but the sessions that I attended were really good. CMS Wire had two bloggers (Marisa Peacock and Aaron Bailey) covering the event so you can read their posts there. In the one day I saw Ann Rockley's keynote, Bryant Shea's talk on user generated content, David Esrati's BlogZilla presentation, Stewart Mader's talk on wikis, and Ståle Eikeri's discussion of Web 2.0. As an aside, I saw Stewart 2 days later at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. I guess I am not the only one with a crazy travel schedule.

During lunch, Howard Tullman was able to overcome the crunching of potato chips to keep the audience engaged in a presentation on driving organizational change. Based on questions from the audience in all of the sessions, it seemed that many of the attendees were trying to figure out a way to get their organizations to adopt these ideas about using content more effectively. I hope they got the ammunition that they needed to start initiating better content management practices when they returned to their offices on Wednesday.