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Jun 13, 2007

Graffito Being Folded into JackRabbit

Graffito is an Apache project to build a set of content management components that can be used within portals and other applications. Here is what I wrote about Graffito back in February 2005. Graffito has been in the Apache Incubator for quite some time and has not been able to graduate to a top level project. I just read on Christophe Lombart's blog (Content Type - love the name BTW), that Graffito is going to be folded into the JackRabbit project (that itself graduated from the Incubator in March of 2006). JackRabbit is the reference implementation for the JCR and was critical in getting JSR 170 through the Java Community Process. It promises to do the same for JSR 283 which will improve the JCR spec. JackRabbit also absorbed many of the developers from the Jakarta Slide project (an open source implementation of WebDAV). Most of the developers on Graffito came from the Apache Portals projects and I guess Graffito could have been absorbed by portals as well. I agree with Christophe that JackRabbit makes a lot of sense because the two projects are aligned around the goal of creating building blocks for content management systems. Graffito has also done a considerable amount of work building JCR support into the project.