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May 03, 2007

OpenCms V7 RC 1 Available

If you have been holding out for OpenCms to come out with version 7, your wait is almost over. The OpenCms team just announced that the first release candidate (RC1) is available in CVS and will soon be packaged for download on www.opencms.org. The stable version is expected to be out in July.

For perspective, v7 is probably as big an upgrade as v6 (released 2 years ago) was over v5. Whereas v6 introduced in-site editing functionality (called "Direct Edit") and better support for structured content, v7 brings goodies like WebDAV support (now developers can use their favorite IDE to edit presentation templates!) and a dependency engine that will do a better job of managing links and automatically publish related content (so an image will be published if the article that references it is published). Version 7 will also have much improved user management. For a list of other enhancements, check out the press release.