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Apr 04, 2007

Open Source Content Management Summit Video Posted

I had it in my calendar to check back to see if anyone uploaded video footage from the 2007 Open Source Content Management Summit and I was happy to see that six sessions are posted on Google Video. Definitely watch Dries' keynote on the state of Drupal. One of the ideas he explores is that the features that Drupal has pioneered have become commoditized and there is a convergence of functionality that has grown from sharing of ideas. Even companies like IBM and Microsoft are starting to catch up :). As products become functionally similar, the meaningful differentiation will be ease of use and adoption that the product affords. Dries put out as a challenge to the Drupal community to make it easier for people to get involved by improving the website and incorporating some of the energy and innovation that is happening on the periphery (through module development) into the core.

He also talked about how Drupal eliminated the need for a traditional webmaster who coded HTML all day. CCK and Views make traditionally technical tasks achievable by non-technical users. Next in Drupal's sights is to make non-designers able to design websites. I don't know about the last one, I think that the web is still recovering from bad design empowered by Microsoft FrontPage. And with that, I leave you with this chilling thought... (click on the image to get the full animated effect!)