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Feb 13, 2007

Nuxeo 5 EP Released

Nuxeo just announced the GA release of version 5 of their Enterprise Content Management offering Nuxeo 5 EP. This is the version that replaces the Zope-based CPS product (which broke ground for open source in Enterprise Content Management) with an all Java implementation. I have to say that I had my doubts on this migration and I am looking forward to checking out the new software. I really liked the technical design philosophy that went into the CPS product and am hoping that they are successful translating those ideas onto a new platform. The second test of this decision to move will be how their customer base will respond. I subscribe to the CPS list and see that people are still actively using and extending the CPS product. Will these customers move, stay or defect? Will the move be smooth? Will new customers who had been put off by Zope be suddenly be attracted to the new product? It is going to be interesting watching this play out.