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Dec 06, 2006

Do you notice anything different?

If you use Blogger, you know that they have been increasingly aggressive about converting users to the new "Beta" platform. Initially it was a "pssst, we have something new!" accompanied by warnings of once you go Beta, you can never go back. Recently they put in an interstitial page making it easier to upgrade than to go to the old tried-and-true version. Well, this time, I took the plunge and I upgraded. If you haven't done so yet, you have the following to look forward to:

  • The "Blogger Buzz" feed on the dashboard
  • A text field on the edit post page where you can put in tags
  • A better post list page. Here you can apply tags to a bunch of posts at a time
  • Faster publishing
  • They will merge your Blogger account into your Google account

No earth-shattering improvements but no trauma or drama either.