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Sep 26, 2006

Seth Gottlieb, eZ

Last week, I attended eZ publish developer training and got certified as an eZ publish developer:

eZ publish certified developer

The class was largely composed of experienced eZ developers so we were able to breeze through the content management and eZ publish basics and fill the holes in our self taught knowledge (small inside joke, the instructor's name is Kristian Hole). I will be updating the eZ publish review from the CM Problems white paper with my new knowledge and post it here as a derivative work.

But for now, a couple initial observations:

  • eZ is making a big push into the North American market. They set up an office in Vancouver and staffed it with some pretty senior people. Their new sales manager, David Dempsey is tireless in his efforts to reach out to systems integration partners.

  • In the next couple of releases, there is going to be more convergence between eZ publish and eZ components. When eZ publish is PHP 5 compatible, eZ publish will use eZ components for templating and other services. This will have several benefits. Among them: there will be more developers familiar with this architecture and there will be more people testing these core components.

  • eZ publish is being used by some pretty high traffic websites. Some of the students in the class had impressive high performance, high availability eZ deployments. Still, running a development environment on the Fedora Core workstations provided was pretty slow.

Send me an email if you want some eZ publish help before I forget all this stuff!