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Sep 14, 2006

Open Source Content Management Webinar

I don't normally like the standard webcast format (either as an audience member or presenter) so when it was my turn to do the next Optaros webinar, I proposed a more interactive session with no slides, more audience participation, and more dialog.

I got my wish and I am excited about this event: Tuesday, September 26th, 2006. 1PM Eastern Daylight Time. Joining me will be Matt Asay from Alfresco, Paul Everitt from ZEA Partners, and, my colleague, the esteemed Dr. John Eckman. I don't know exactly how the session is going to play out but here is what I am thinking....

We are not going to talk about products, functionality, market share, magic quadrants or any of those boring vendor or analyst presentation topics. Instead, we are going to talk about the benefits and implications of open source software in the content management industry. Here are the types of questions we will be discussing

  • Are there fundamental differences between open source and proprietary content management systems?

  • How should an open source content management solution be selected?

  • What types of organizations are best positioned to use open source software to solve their content management challenges?

  • What are the benefits and limitations of open source content management systems?

But the audience will really determine the direction of the discussion because we will be asking the audience to chat in their questions. From the experience of the panel, we can answer questions about how open source software companies function, open source implementation projects, living with open source solutions, why people participate in open source. If you have seen one of the panelists speak and could not fight your way through the crowd to ask a follow up question, or you are just intrigued by this idea of free software and want to see what all the fuss is about, you should join us.