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Mar 21, 2006

New White Paper on Open Source Document Management Systems

[Unfortunately, this white paper is no longer available without registering with Optaros. The links in this post no longer work. If you don't mind being called by one of our nice sales people, follow this link and register. ]

My colleague, Sebastian Wohlrapp, and I just published a new white paper on Open Source Document Management Systems. Last year, it seemed that most of what open source content management had to offer was in the WCM and personal publishing space. A lot has changed and there are now several viable DMS options. This paper focuses on basic document management functionality needed by the typical knowledge worker as an alternative to what most companies resort to today: shared file systems and email. There is great potential for open source to answer the need for open/affordable/simple solutions that deliver this functionality. Several projects are well on their way.

The following projects were evaluated:

We evaluated the projects along the following dimensions:

  • Creating and storing content

  • Organizing content and collaboration

  • Search and accessing content

  • Usability

As usual, feedback is welcome.