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Feb 21, 2006

Plone Roadmap

The Plone Blog just published links to a road map that describes the next three releases of Plone: a maintenance release (2.1.3), an infrastructure release (2.5), and the next major release (3.0). It looks like release 2.5 will take more of the configuration that is currently done in the ZMI and put it into control panels within Plone. There is quite a usability gap between the Plone administration pages and the underlying ZMI. There will be a new framework team setting the technical direction for Plone 3.0. The new team consists of Wichert Akkerman, Martin Aspeli, Rocky Burt, Raphael Ritz, Hanno Schlichting, Vincenzo Di Somma, and Helge Tesdal. Plone 3.0 is expected to have more AJAX based rich client functionality (LiveSearch, which was released in 2.1, is great), QuickEdit (which allows content to be edited a field at a time), and a number of performance enhancements. I was a little surprised that adding versioning to the core was not slated for this release. For versioning, the product that I like the best is PVSForPlone2, although CMFEditions seems to have the attention of Plone core developers.