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Jan 11, 2006

Goodbye ZServer, Hello Twisted

Eric Shea just passed on this article describing how Zope3 is dumpinjg the old ZServer and go with The Twisted Framework for its web server.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Zope platform, ZServer is ancient, slow and not too secure. The security part is not so much of a problem because any serious Zope 2.x installation is going to sit behind an Apache web server. Twisted, on the other hand is a high performance framework for building Python applications. We did a prototype based on Twisted as part of a proposal for a very high traffic web service and our experience with it has been very positive. You may also notice the last name of one of the Twisted project team (Lefkowitz). Glyph is the son of r0ml, our former VP, Research and Executive Education. I am pretty sure that the Lefkowitz family enforces a strict nickname policy.