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Aug 31, 2005

Sig Alert

Totally off-topic, but if you have ever listened to the radio in Southern California, you have undoubtedly heard mention of a "Sig-Alert" about some traffic accident. In case you ever wondered what "Sig-Alert" stands for, this is what the DOT has to say:

"Sig-Alerts" are unique to Southern California. They came about in the 1940s when the L.A.P.D. got in the habit of alerting a local radio reporter, Loyd Sigmon, of bad car wrecks on city streets. These notifications became known as "Sig-Alerts." Later Mr. Sigmon developed an electronic device that authorities could use to alert the media of disasters. Caltrans latched on to the term "Sig-Alert" and it has come to be known as any traffic incident that will tie up two or more lanes of a freeway for two or more hours.