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Jul 17, 2005

OpenCMS Version 6.0 Released

The OpenCMS Project recently officially released version 6.0.0 of OpenCMS. Version 6 has been in beta for some time and I have been waiting for the official "gold" release. Some of the new features that 6.0 introduces:

  • In-site editing. This is where users with edit permissions are able to edit content directly on the presentation side of the site, rather than just through the management interface. If you have read some of my other mail and blog posts, you may know that I have mixed feelings about this design. On the plus side, it makes the system more intuitive because users are able to edit the site directly. On the negative side, this kind of feature reduces the potential for reuse and more dynamic presentation logic.

  • New content types. This is a huge improvement over the last version. Version 5.x only had one content type: pages. This leads to unstructured content and poor separation of content and layout reducing the potential to reuse.

  • Full text search of attachments (MS Word)

  • Improved permissioning

OpenCMS the most mature and polished of the Java based open source CMS. With this release, OpenCMS improves its versatility and increases its potential as an enterprise ready CMS.