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Jun 16, 2005

Open Source CMS and Google Summer of Code

There are a number of major open source CMS projects that are participating in the Google Summer of Code program. For those of you who are out of the loop, Summer of Code is a program where software developers are given a project and are given a $4,500 reward if they satisfactorily complete the project on time. Organizations can volunteer to be mentors which means that they assign a project and evaluate the results.

Here are the proposals from the open source CMS projects:

  • Apache Lenya: Search enhancement, improving the integration with WYSIWYG editors, workflow engine improvement.

  • Bricolage: Porting to Apache2/mod_perl2, porting to other databases (currently supports PostgreSQL only), improve WebDAV support, improve Subversion integration, improve the installation process (amen), site tagging and rollback, improve Unicode support, improve the bulk edit interface, bulk upload of media documents.

  • Drupal: Drupal automated test suite, Quiz module, workflow engine, social context of content, REST API implementation, AJAX (buzzzz), subscriptions for module core.

  • Mambo: XHTML Compliance, virtual filesystem library, AJAX library, rich internet application for administration.

This looks like a great idea to get people involved with open source and a great way for Google to identify top technical talent.