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Jun 13, 2005

New Plone Book: PloneLive

There is a new Plone Book available: PloneLive 1.0 by Michel Pelletier and Munwar Shariff. What makes PloneLive really interesting is that it is a LiveBook that is constantly being updated. You can buy it print on demand for $44.95 from Amazon or a year's subscription for $29.95. The PloneLive Site also has a blog and other content. The authors and SourceBeat (the publisher) make a good point that traditional publishing mechanisms may not be able to keep pace with rapidly changing open source projects and dynamic books are the best way to document. Unlike a project wiki, the authors are compensated for their content. It will be interesting to see if this publishing model takes hold.

Unfortunately, the authors made a bad choice in selecting a sample chapter so it is difficult to tell if the book is any good. The sample chapter just superficially covers what a content management system is, what Python is, and how to install Plone.

For an excellent book on Plone, check out The Definitive Guide to Plone by Andy McKay. Almost the entire book is available on SourceForge but I would not do without my paper copy.